1. The Employer shall select, for this programme, persons who

  • are unemployed for 30 days or more upon registration
  • are aged between 16 and 35 years;
  • are not subject to any possible conflict of interest (parental/personal relations or ex-employees);
  • are registered on the SWG Database, or
  • are not registered on the SWG Database (in which case, after recruitment, the Employer must ensure that the youth completes his/her registration).

 2. The Employer shall


2.1 Have a minimum of one year of operation


2.2 Provide placement/training to selected candidates for an initial period of one year


2.3 Where 10 or more youth have been recruited by an employer, offer employment to not less than 50% of the trainees;


2.4 Ensure that the youth work under supervision;


2.5 Ensure the availability of relevant tools and equipment;


2.6 Provide an insurance cover.


2.7 Submit a return on the progress of each youth after every 6 months of placement/training or during the employment period following the initial placement/training period.


See agreement for more details


3. Monitoring


3.1 The SWG will monitor the progress of the youth through regular visits to the work premises. The visits may be scheduled without prior notice to the Employer and the youth. The SWG officers or any officers duly authorised by the SWG shall be granted access to the relevant documents and sites in relation to the placement/training of the youth.


3.2 The SWG may conduct further monitoring to ensure that Employers honour the undertaking at paragraph 2.


3.3 In case of premature termination of the placement/training, the Employer shall inform the SWG in writing of such termination, its effective date and the reasons thereof, in the shortest delay. The same will apply where employment of the youth is terminated in the period following the initial year of placement/training.


4. Refund of Training Costs


4.1 The SWG shall refund to the Employer 50% of any training costs subject to a maximum of Rs 7,500 per youth.

4.2 The Employer shall make a claim for the appropriate refund by sending the Application Form SWG Form 1 duly filled in together with the relevant documents to the SWG secretariat within one month after the completion of the training.


5. NSF and NPF Contributions


The provisions regarding payment of NSF and NPF will not apply in respect of youth participating in the YEP.


6. Refund of Stipend


The new stipends are as follows: -

GraduatesRs. 15,000
Diploma HoldersRs. 10,000
HSC HoldersRs. 8,000


As per the agreement, Government will refund employers 50% of the stipends paid to the trainees through the HRDC.


A claim for the refund of stipend shall be made on a monthly basis on the Application Form SWG Form 2 which shall be duly filled in and submitted along with the relevant documents within one month, following the month for which the claim is being applied for.


7. Participation in Survey


Should the SWG organise a survey in relation to the YEP, the Employer shall be required to provide all relevant information.


8. Other Financial Support


8.1 The Employer shall not benefit from any other financial incentives from other Institutions for the payment of stipend to the youth and training cost during the period of the placement/training.

8.2 Where the Employer fails to comply with paragraph 8.1, the SWG shall terminate the present agreement and reserve the right to recover any amount already paid to the Employer.


9. Retention of youth by Employer


In case the Employer does not retain at least 50% of the youth in employment (after the initial placement/training period), the Employer shall not be eligible to participate in the YEP again. Additionally, any subsidy provided to the Employer under the YEP shall be repaid to the SWG.